Now that the weather is turning cold, snow is on its way, and Colorado snow is not to be messed with! November is the perfect time to get winter tires put on your car so you can face the winter with confidence. In the next few blogs, we are going to answer some of the most commonly-asked questions about winter tires.

Do I need winter tires?

Many people avoid buying winter tires because they want to use the money somewhere else. Spending hundreds of dollars on tires you only need for one season doesn’t make many people excited. If this describes you, we understand your reasoning! However, when the roads get slick and dangerous, the safety of you, your family, and the people around you depends on your tires. Whether you’re turning, accelerating, or braking, your care needs to be able to grip the road. Winter tires are designed specifically to do just that.

But I have all-season tires. I should be fine, right?

Not in a Colorado winter. All-season tires sacrifice a bit of summer performance in order to handle light winter weather. They can’t manage more safely. Winter tires are made of special rubber compounds designed just to boost handling, traction, and braking in all winter conditions. When things get dangerous, the smallest advantage can make the difference between arriving home in one piece and going to the emergency room. Make sure your car can do what is needed to stay safe!

How winter tires do I need to achieve safe traction?

You need all four. It doesn’t matter what vehicle you drive; it needs all four tires to be safe in winter conditions. Having multiple types of tires on a vehicle makes driving more dangerous, not safer. If you’re going to get winter tires, you must buy four.

Let our professional team make sure you’re equipped for this winter. Give us a call today!