An overheating engine is one of the most serious problems you can encounter with your car. If your temperature indicator starts climbing into the red, the best thing to do is turn the car off as quickly as possible. An overheating engine will warp your head gasket, which can make for a very costly and labor-intensive repair job. There are many reasons your engine can be overheating, and as Loveland’s Top Rated Local® auto mechanic, Metric Motors wants to help you understand the basic principles of your car’s cooling system.

Internal combustion engines by nature generate excessive amounts of heat, and it is the job of the cooling system to dissipate that heat. Coolant is carried through hoses to absorb heat and move it away from the engine. Having the wrong coolant concentration, blockages, or leaks anywhere in the lines can spell trouble. The coolant is circulated with the use of a water pump, which is driven by a belt that connects to engine. If the water pump or the belt fails, overheating will occur. After absorbing heat from the engine, the coolant is then sent to the radiator, where its heat energy is dissipated by passing through tubes and fins with large surface area. A fan helps to dissipate heat from the radiator. The engine can overheat if the radiator or its fan is not working properly. The flow of coolant from the engine to the radiator is controlled by a thermostat, and if this device malfunctions – you guessed it – overheating can occur!

The auto mechanics of Metric Motors offer cooling system service to diagnose your overheating issue and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. While overheating is a serious problem if left untreated, preventing it may not be as expensive as you might think. Contact Metric Motors today to schedule an appointment!