We’re headed toward summer, and it’s important to make sure our cars are ready for the new season. That means making sure your car is refreshed after a long winter. The cold season is particularly hard on cars, and some of us haven’t washed ours since last fall! After your car has worked hard to transport you through snow and ice while keeping you warm and dry, it has definitely earned a little TLC.

In today’s blog, we want to dive into some key spring maintenance items that will give your car what it needs to take on the heat of summer. Our auto mechanic team is here to help you with a majority of these tasks, saving you time and money with our excellence and affordable prices.

Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

Get your windshield wipers replaced.

We’re headed into what is typically a rainy/snowy season. Yes, we can get snow all the way through May! Functional windshield wipers can save your life in bad weather, so don’t wait to get them replaced if they’re leaving smears across your windshield. Wiper replacement will be especially important if you have leaned on your wipers for clearing ice off your windshield. Ice shreds windshield wipers!

Schedule an oil change

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. Without it, your engine will overheat or get jammed with contaminants. We can quickly get rid of the old, dirty oil that has carried you the last couple thousand miles and give your engine a new lease on life!

Wash and wax.

Our cities put all kinds of salt down on the roads to keep them from freezing during winter. Those salts get tossed up onto your vehicle all winter long. They can actually damage your paint and even corrode your wheels. Giving your car a good wash will send those salts down the drain and give your paint a better chance at looking great longer. We also recommend you rinse off the bottom of your vehicle, which can collect a lot of salt and grime. If you can, get a layer of wax onto your car once it’s clean. The wax will protect the paint from UV rays and dirt during the summer.

Have the air filters changed.

Your vehicle has a cabin filter and other car filters that should be changed now that spring has arrived and pollen is starting to fly. Your cabin filter will keep the pollen out and other filters will ensure that your air conditioner has clean air.

Double-check the tire pressure.

Spring temperatures tend to be up and down. Tire pressure changes by about two pounds for every 10 degrees the temperature rises or falls, so your tire pressure will change depending on the day. Low tire pressure makes it harder to control your vehicle and, so making sure your tire pressure is high enough to handle temperature fluctuations without getting too low.

Turn to Metric Motors in Loveland

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