Summer can get pretty toasty in Loveland! It can be frustrating when the air conditioning in your car isn’t operating the way it should. Instead of dripping sweat as you drive this summer, come see the experts at Metric Motors to fix that AC of yours. Several things can cause the AC in a car to fail:

The cooling fans aren’t working.

If your cooling fans aren’t turning on, it makes sense that you wouldn’t get any air out of them. If they don’t turn on, it’s time to replace them.

Refrigerant is leaking.

This is a very common problem in car air conditioners. If you have a leak in your AC system, the professionals at Metric Motors will flush the system to find the leak and seal it. Then, we recharge the refrigerant for you.

Compressor is locking

If your compressor gets locked, whether in the on or off position, it can cause the compressor to run continuously or stop working entirely. Either way, it’s not good for your air conditioning. If your compressor is locked, it is likely we will need to replace it.

All of the above

If any of these problems is ignored for too long, the damage will continue to get worse. Oftentimes a leak can lead to damage in the cooling fans. When there are several serious issues in the AC unit, that can mean you will need the whole unit replaced. No one wants that!

As soon as you have an issue with your car’s AC, make sure to call the experts at Metric Motors in Loveland. You don’t need to suffer through the summer heat!