Your car has the ability to get you from point A to point B in a timely and reliable manner, as long as you take care of your car and ensure that you are giving it the preventative maintenance it needs to keep running. Here at Metric Motors, we are auto mechanics in Loveland who want to help you keep your car in great working order for as long as possible. That’s why, in our previous post, we began a list of the preventative maintenance that you should have done for your vehicle to make sure it will run for you when you need it. To learn more about the preventative maintenance your car needs, keep reading!

Car Maintenance You Don’t Want To Neglect Continued

#4. Check your car’s engine air filter and replace it when needed.

Your car’s air filter should be easily accessible and one of the easiest things you can change on your vehicle. It’s also one of the most low-maintenance parts on your vehicle, only requiring a change every 30,000 miles or so—although this does depend on the type of car you own. Also, if you spend a lot of time in stop and go traffic, your car’s air filter may get dirtier, faster. Ensuring that your car’s air filter isn’t dirty or needs to be changed will help to make your car run a lot smoother.

#5. Keep up with the maintenance of your car’s tires.

You should check your car’s tire pressure regularly and have your tires rotated as specified in your owner’s manual. Ensuring that your car’s tires wear evenly will help your car to drive a lot smoother, and keeping the tire pressure within the correct range can prevent tread separation, which can lead to an accident. Also, have your alignment checked to make sure that your car will drive straight and will keep you from a dangerous situation.

#6. Have your spark plugs changed when needed.

When your car’s spark plugs are either worn out or have buildup on them, you can pretty much guarantee that your car is not running efficiently. This may cause your fuel expenses to go up, and it could even lead to your car breaking down. Your spark plugs are another part of your car that only needs to be changed every 30,000 miles or so—you should be checking your owner’s manual for more specific instructions.

If you take care of your car, it is much more likely to run safely and efficiently for you. Don’t underestimate the need to read your car’s owner’s manual and keep up with all of the suggested maintenance. To get the preventative maintenance you need done on your car, call your local auto mechanics here at Metric Motors. We’ll make sure that your car is road-ready and in the best shape possible. We can work on cars of any make or model, and we can fix all of your car’s mechanical needs. Call us today to schedule your appointment!