Regardless of whether or not you have a car with AWD, 4WD, FWD, or RWD, the type of tires you have can make or break your car’s performance during wet driving conditions. Tires are a large investment and too many people neglect their car’s need for new tires. Here at Metric Motors, our car repair experts in Loveland can make sure your car is operating at peak performance for the impending winter and inevitable wet and icy driving conditions.

Your car’s tires can be easy to neglect. Without the help of an expert, it can be hard to determine if your tires are still in good driving condition. In order to make it easier for our Metric Motors’ customers to tell whether or not it’s time for new tires, we have compiled a few simple guidelines to follow so you’ll know when it’s time for new tires.

  • Tires typically last anywhere from 25,000-50,000 miles. If you’ve had the tires on your car for over 50,000 miles, it’s definitely time to have your tires checked.  
  • If you can no longer see any tread on your tires (the patterns and grooves on your tires), your tires are likely “bald” and will need to be looked at by an expert.
  • If you fill your tires with air and notice that the tires are not retaining the air well, it’s likely time for new tires. Tire pressure should be checked every six months, and the ideal tire pressure for your vehicle can be found in your owner’s manual.

Ensuring that our customers at Metric Motors are well educated and can properly care for their cars is important to us. If you need car repairs or regular maintenance done, please call us to make an appointment today.